Supernatural: 10×23 Brother’s Keeper

One word perfectly describes the Supernatural season 10 finale:


Supernatural is known for its finales being shocking, unpredictable, and full of action.  This finale can’t be described using any of those terms.

The finales constantly are made up of the same puzzle pieces: solving one problem while introducing an entirely new problem, leaving it with a cliffhanger.  This finale followed that formula, but not well.

As the finale played out, I, along with many other fans, predicted every last twist and turn throughout the episode.

The episode had great concepts: the Darkness inside the Mark of Cain is a unique and scary thrill that will be interesting to explore.  However, the moment it was brought up, it became painfully obvious where the story was going to go.  The divide between Crowley, Rowena, and Castiel and Sam and Dean created a lack of communication (famous for the Winchesters) as the trio strove to complete the spell, vanquishing the Mark.

This created an obvious problem: releasing the Mark from Dean’s arm releases the Darkness (Duh).

I was thoroughly disappointed by the predictability of the episode.  I found myself predicting every possible turn, including Death’s death as well as the Darkness. And I wasn’t the only one:

“the beginning with the girls from fan fiction singing carry on my wayward son was more surprising and emotional than that finale ending”purgatorywithdean

“Well, I don’t know what I expected. I’m not mad. But I’m kind of disappointed?” supernaturalapocalypse

“How does Death have the best intro ever and well the lamest death?  There should’ve been hellfire, brimstone, lightning, a panel of weeping women.” jinxedambitions

“acting in 10×23 :)))) writing in 10×23 :////”deathstiel

“i [honestly] am not scared or sad or feel any emotion for the season finale for the first time.  am i the only one like????”enrageddean

What did you think of the finale?  Let us know!

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