Supernatural: Soul Survivor Review

Supernatural’s 3rd episode of season 10 brought about the end to Demon Dean.

The episode began with Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) impersonating a doctor in order to retrieve purified blood. Wasting no time, Sam brought the blood back to the bunker where Dean (Jensen Ackles) had been tied up in a devil’s trap.

Demon Dean attempted to deter Sam, bringing attention to the Mark of Cain and the fact that the ritual might not even work. “Sammy, you know I hate shots,” he said, to which Sam replied, “I hate demons,” and doused him with holy water before injecting the first vial of purified blood.

Castiel (Misha Collins) and Hannah (Erica Carroll) are making their way to the bunker to help Sam. Hannah tries communicating with Castiel about his condition and failing grace. Though Castiel says he is fine, Hannah is not convinced; she reveals that she worries about Castiel, setting the tone for a new element in their relationship.

As Sam continues the treatments, Dean reveals he knows what lengths Sam went to in order to find out where Dean was during his absence. Sam had led a man to a crossroads demon, and though he tried to stop the deal from happening, the man ended up selling his own soul.

Crowley (Mark Shepherd) is in hell, carrying out sentences on the souls condemned. He thinks back to his time with Dean and the offer of them creating the perfect hell together. A demon offers to be his new wingman, to which Crowley replies by disintegrated the demon. He also commands a demon to keep an eye on Castiel as he learns the angel’s condition is worsening.

When Castiel and Hannah stop at a gas station, Castiel warns his fellow angel not to become caught up in feelings. They are then ambushed by another angel whom they had been hunting. Castiel is nearly killed, but Crowley steps in, killing the angel and stealing her grace for Castiel, restoring him to his full capacity as an angel.

Meanwhile, Sam discovers that Dean escaped his bonds and is somewhere in the bunker. An intense “cat and mouse” chase ensues as Dean searches for Sam. Sam attempts to lock him in an electrical room, but Dean rips the door away and escapes.

Sam has the opportunity to kill Dean with the demon knife, but he lowers the blade. However, Castiel appears and locks Dean in his grasp. Dean struggles but is no match against the angel.

Able to finish the treatments, Sam and Castiel wait as Dean wakes up. He opens his eyes and the black demon eyes fade away. Sam throws holy water on him to assure he is not a demon, confirming Dean is cured.

The episode concluded with the introduction of a red-haired demon sitting in a hotel with the bodies of two hotel workers on the ceiling above her. Though not revealed for sure, there is certainly a strong hint that this might be another return of Abbadon, though it seemed Dean had killed her last season with the First Blade.

Though the life of Demon Dean was short-lived, Soul Survivor (directed by Jensen Ackles) was well-excuted and intensely paced, setting up Dean’s recovery after being a demon, the complicated relationship between Castiel and Hannah, and the possible future struggle with the fact that Dean still carries the Mark of Cain.

What did you think of this latest episode?

Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9.8c on the CW. 

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