Surprise Nintendo 3DS Price Cut! – Lowered From $250 To $170

Nintendo just announced that it will be dropping the price of the Nintendo 3DS from $250 to $170 August 12. This huge $80 discount will also be available in countries other than the United States, such as Australia and Japan. Poor global sales for the 3DS is the suspected cause for the sudden price cut.

The 3D handheld console was recently launched in March, but Nintendo is desperate to sell their 3DS so that upcoming franchise titles such as Super Mario 3DS and Mario Kart 3DS can become huge hits this upcoming holiday season.

According to the press release, Nintendo has only sold about 830,000 3DSes in the United States, whereas it sold 653,000 DSes in just one week in America in 2007. With some new 3DS games planned to release in September and the Sony Vita also landing this fall, it is no wonder why Nintendo’s price cut is so sudden.

Nintendo 3DS features 3D games without the silly glasses, the ability to use Wi-Fi, and even Netflix!

The Nintendo 3DS sale will come into effect with its massive price cut on August 12!

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