Round 3 of Swap Your Ride by Ford Motor Company is here. The first round of the advertising campaign that was run in 2007. The ads are designed to focus on fuel and technology and will primarily tout Ford’s 3 most fuel efficient vehicles.

Real consumers who own competitors’ vehicles are asked to drive a Ford vehicle for a week and then give their opinions. Each ad depicts these consumers discussing their reaction to the Ford vehicle, often displaying surprise at the quality and technological advancement of the vehicle.

According to Ford’s marketing communications director Matt VanDyke, Ford is pulling out some incentives as well. These will include offers like leases for $180 a month on the Fiesta and $2,500 rebate with 0% interest on F-series trucks.

Nielsen Global Automotive reports on consumer responses to ads throughout the automotive industry. NGA President Lois Miller stated that, according to their research, consumers respond better to consumer reactions rather than slick ads and that the last round of Swap Your Ride ads showed very favorable responses from consumers.

Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” is the pitchman for Ford’s Swap Your Ride. Miller calls Rowe an “everyman,” stating that he is one of the most trusted celebrities in the country. Ford hopes to build trust and confidence in consumers through Rowe’s chats with participating consumers.

The campaign begins this week with print ads and 30 second TV spots. It will run for at least the next 2 months.