T-Mobile 4G LTE detected in 8 U.S Cities - New York on the list

T-Mobile is testing its 4G network in 8 major U.S Cities.

An app that relies on crowdsourced data to detect wireless coverage areas known as ‘OpenSignal’ found the carrier’s LTE network active in 8 major cities in U.S.

T-Mobile recently announced plans to expand the network to Kansas City and Las Vegas, but OpenSignal’s list covers Seattle, Denver, San Diego, New Orleans, New York and San Jose. Bay area cites were also covered.

The preliminary data figures, according to OpenSignal’s test, shows an 8 MBp/s upload speed and 25 MBp/s download speed.

These figures, however, were detected with the network free of other connection requests. The speeds are expected to decrease when T-Mobile makes it official and consumers start using it.

The devices used for testing were the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4.

T-Mobile is expected to announce its plans at a New York event next week.