Galaxy S4 delayed at T-Mobile Online StoresThere’s bad news for shoppers who were looking to receive Galaxy S4 from T-Mobile.

The online launch of the device has been delayed, and customers will have to wait for 5 more days.

The date shifts from the 24th of April to the 29th.

While the time frame may not be huge, customers of T-Mobile will likely be furious as they watch other carrier customers flaunting their magnificent gadgets early.

The Verge has posted the official statement from T-Mobile. The carrier is remaining tight lipped on the real cause of the issue, but revealed that unexpected inventory delays were responsible.

Here’s the apology from the carrier:

We know customers are really looking forward to getting their new Samsung Galaxy S 4 soon. However, due to an unexpected delay with inventory deliveries, the Galaxy S 4 will not be available on as planned on Wednesday, April 24. Instead, online availability is expected to begin on Monday, April 29. We apologize for any inconvenience and are working with Samsung to deliver the device to T-Mobile customers as soon as possible.

However, T-Mobile brick and mortar stores will still have the handset in stock, so customers looking to buy one from the carrier can hit one of T-Mobile’s retail outlets starting May 1st.

Did you pre-order from T-Mobile? What do you think of the delay?

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