T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 owners can now update their devices to the latest Android OS version 4.4.2 beginning March 10, reports Android Central.

Owners will have the option of either getting the upgrade over the air or via the Samsung Kies desktop app.

Requirements for the Upgrade

Of course, before one can make the upgrade, the device will need to be running Android 4.3; it will also need to be at least 50 percent charged. This 387-MB upgrade may also take some time to download, but after that, the device will be ready to use and packed with the latest that Android has to offer.

What Does KitKat 4.4.2 Pack?

Samsung Galaxy S4 users on the T-Mobile network can now enjoy the immersive Android experience that version 4.4.2 has to offer. According to the official Android website, the latest KitKat version features faster multitasking, with better touch-screen responses and the ability to, for example, listen to music while browsing the web at the same time.

According to Android Central, after the upgrade, users will see “improved stability, new camera shortcuts on the lock screen, and improved on-screen keyboard.”

Calling features have also been upgraded. Users will now be able to prioritize calls based on most frequent callers and search for nearby business contacts and places. Google has also included a smarter caller ID that pulls caller information from local business listings and displays it on-screen.

On-the-go services also make KitKat a favorite, especially for busy professionals. It is now easier than ever to remotely print documents and to edit and share files, and a more intuitive email app organizes messages into nested folders for better navigation.

The Samsung Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4, released in 2013, packs a 1.9 GHz Snapdragon processor and supports all the major networking modes, including Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. It has a fairly good battery that can provide up to 10 hours of streaming video at maximum brightness, which may explain why only a 50 percent charge is needed to activate the upgrade.

The phone offers a wide variety of notification features as well. Users can configure what information is presented when they drag down the notificaitons pane, all of which can be done with a finger hover as opposed to touching the screen.

With the recent release of the S5, the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 upgrade will be a welcome upgrade for those who want to enjoy the capabilities of the latest Android version without spending a massive buck.

Are you eager to try out Android 4.4.2 KitKat?

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons