T-Mobile Tuesdays & Priceline’s – Reserve Now, Pay Later – Bait & Switch

T-Mobile Tuesdays & Priceline’s – Reserve Now, Pay Later – Bait & Switch

One of the many perks of being a T-Mobile customer is their T-Mobile Tuesday offers.

From free coffees at Dunkin Donuts to discounts on movies and trips, there are lots of ways to save and cash-in-  just for being a customer! 

But it turns out those perks aren’t always what they seem- something I learned the hard way.

Right now, T-Mobile Tuesday has partnered with Priceline and Booking.com to offer up to 40% off on a hotel stay.  You click on the link, enter your destination and dates, and hotels that meet your criteria appear. 

I don’t know about you, but saving 10% on a hotel stay is a win in my book. I clicked, looking to do a small family getaway for the end of September.

I found lots of options and chose the best one, which said “reserve now, pay later”. I booked the hotel and received a confirmation immediately, showing the total cost and a disclaimer saying payment would be due at time of check-in.

A few minutes later I received an email reiterating the cost and that payment is due on arrival.

So imagine my surprise 15 minutes later when I get an email directly from the hotel asking for my missing payment information.

I called the hotel directly and spoke with Sue at the front desk; she was a bit abrupt and kept interrupting as I tried to explain the situation and why I was not required to make a payment at this time. 

Sue then informed me that I would need to contact T-Mobile, as she could not authorize my stay without pre-payment.

I contacted a T-Mobile rep, expecting them to rectify the situation, but they did anything but that. The rep explained that although their offer allows for buy now, pay later options to appear, they are not guaranteed and at the discretion of the hotel. 

I have booked many times with Priceline and other hotel apps and that option is a common one that I have used in the past; the idea that it could not be used with their 40% off offer was confusing, especially since the option was not only presented, but I was able to book using it. 

After a lot of back and forth, which included a conversation with a manager, and back and forth between Priceline and T-Mobile, I cancelled the booking. I explained to them that what they are doing is basically false advertising- a bait and switch to hook customers. There is no fine print- had I entered a credit card I would have been charged!

My disappointment with T-Mobile as a long-time customer cannot be put into words- although I’m trying with this article. I felt duped and annoyed that once the error was brought to their attention nothing was done to rectify it. 

Please be aware when you click on their deals there may be a loophole. I’d say read the fine print but in this case there was none. 

 I hope in the future they are more careful with the “deals” they offer their customers- a group I am no longer a part of!

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