T-Mobile’s $15 Plan is a Great Deal! (Review)

T-Mobile’s $15 Plan is a Great Deal! (Review)

They call it T-Mobile Connect.

It’s a plan from T-Mobile that includes unlimited talk, text and 2GB high-speed smartphone data for $15/month.

The plan was launched on March 25. As my free service from Sprint for a year was ending and I insist on keeping my phone costs down, I switched over to T-Mobile’s new plan within days of it becoming available.

There’s been no looking back and no regrets.

It’s a month to month plan, no contract required. If I did want to switch to another plan, I wouldn’t have to buy out a contract.

Surprisingly, there was no ‘activation fee’. No other fees as well. With taxes, the actual cost has been $16.38/month.

I did bring my own phone to the plan, a Pixel 2XL. The folks at the T-Mobile store struggled to get my ported number working correctly on the Pixel 2XL, apparently the internal sim kept activating. It took them an hour and a half or so, but they eventually got that worked out (I don’t know what they did to get it going).

We switched my daughter’s phone to this plan as well. She was sure she couldn’t live with the 2GB data limit. As we are still in the midst of corona virus social distancing and are at home most of the time, that issue hasn’t been tested. However, there is a $25 plan is available with a 5GB limit if that becomes an issue in the future.

T-Mobile Connect is a ‘prepaid’ plan, there was no credit check. T-Mobile makes a big deal out of it being a “5G” plan, but using a 5G phone is not required.

And that’s about it. It’s a simple plan with 2GB of data (with a half GB/month upgrade every year you stick with the service, up to 5 years) for $15. There have been no surprises.

If you aren’t heavy into data usage when away from home, it’s a great deal!