T-Mobile’s Binge On: Free, Unlimited Streaming W/Out Using Data

Binge watching Netflix just got a whole lot cheaper thanks to T-Mobile.

Starting today, Sunday, November 15, the un-carrier will start offering Binge ON, a FREE service for customers that let’s them stream unlimited video, without using their data, from a wide variety of streaming services.

Yes, there are a few restrictions/limitations, but overall this is a great offer that will have users smiling and other carriers following suit in the near future.

The main thing is there are no gimmicks: you can stream unlimited video at DVD quality (480p+) without using data or paying extra- no more overages.

Ok, so here’s how it works:

Binge On is available for Simple Choice T-Mobile customers with a qualifying plan.

Qualifying plans are those with 3 GB of data or more and includes smartphones and tablets.

Those with unlimited data plans will also benefit using this plan because it lets you stream without using your mobile hotspot.

Plus, those with unlimited data will get 1 free movie rental a month from VUDU- no purchase necessary.

Streaming can be done from a host of video services, including: Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Starz, ESPN, Showtime, Sling, Major League Baseball, Encore and many more.

Services may be added over time if deals can be reached.

Overall, this is a solid offer from T-Mobile: there are no hidden costs or requirements that will prevent most customers from using it.

It lets user watch TV shows, sports, movies and more on the go without having to pay big money for going “over” on data- something carriers are notorious for doing.

Overages are a huge caveat for smartphone users, so I think this will be a welcome option that may even have some switching to T-Mobile

The one negative I’m seeing is that YouTube is not free to stream, and that is one of the biggest and most used streaming services around.

Most teens and young adults are on there continuously, so parents need to make it clear it is NOT included and monitor usage.

Yes, YouTube is known more for music, but you can stream movies and TV too so it is a potential pitfall that customers need to be made aware of.

Otherwise, this is a deal that actually delivers.

What do you think of T-Mobile’s Binge On service?

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