Tablets have quickly made inroads into becoming a family wide device.

According to a new study from Nielsen, during the last three months of 2011, 70% of children, under 12 years old, in tablet owning families, used a tablet. That’s an increase of 9% from the previous three months.

Just what are the kids doing on those tablets? According to the survey, 77% are playing on downloading games. Educational apps ranked as the second most popular use of the tablet, with 57%. Entertainment while traveling was almost as popular, with 55%.tablets

43% use the tablet to watch TV shows and movies. 41% use the device as entertainment while at restaurants or events. And 15% used it to communicate with family and friends.

Unfortunately the study ends there. No word on how increased tablet use may affect children. Or whether the time spent on the tablet replaced, or was in addition to, time spent using other electronics.