Tablets Will Over Take The PC Market, Say Analysts

Tablets Will Over Take The PC Market, Say Analysts

Tablets burst onto the market in 2010. The release of the first widely accepted tablet, the original iPad, will celebrate the two year anniversary of its US launch April 3.

According to a new report from the analysts at Gartner, the tablet market will grow to more than 320 million sold in 2015. Their research indicates that tablets will outsell PC computers by 60% by 2015.

first-gen-iPadGartner Research VP David Willis credits Apple with changing the way people think of a tablet. “Previous to this, tablets had been about taking an existing PC and putting some kind of touchscreen interface on it so you might, for example, use it for filling out forms. Well, with the iPad, you could do those sorts of things, and even more. As it turned out, it was a great media consumption advice, a really excellent web browsing experience, and they created an entire ecosystem of applications, games, and all kinds of fun things that you could do on the tablet,” Willis said.

Some analysts believe tablet sales will overtake PC sales even sooner. Horace Dediu, of Asymco, says on his blog that tablets will outsell PCs by the fall of next year.

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