Tag Bar & Lounge, Las Vegas

We love our beer here in America, and in recent years across the U.S.,  we’ve begun to take it to whole new level.

Breweries specializing in microbrews, craft brews, and more are dotting up all over the country. What better city to bring together the hard work of brewers everywhere than fabulous Las Vegas!

Tag Bar and Lounge, a new addition inside The Quad, is an unofficial beer Mecca. It pays homage to brewers everywhere, hosting over 300 brews from across the the U.S. and around the globe.

To complement the selection is a staff that is friendly and knowledgable. I was recommended Dogfish’s Midas Touch, a sweet and dry beer. Ever a sucker for a good story, I was told this brew is part of Dogfish’s ancient ale series. The ingredients used are the same found in drinking vessels that were located inside King Midas’ tomb.

The hipster in me rejoiced.

Tag is also host to many new electronic table games not found elsewhere in Vegas, including state of the art blackjack, roulette, and craps!

Beer connoisseurs, next time you are in Las Vegas, give Tag Bar & Lounge a visit. It is located directly on the strip and is sure to impress!

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Consumer Expert Robert Ingle

Currently a student at the University of Washington.

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