Illinois woman Tanya Shannon is believed to have walked away from a fatal car crash that killed her husband, but no one has been able to locate her since.

Tuesday marked the third day of the search for the missing woman from Ransom, Illinois. She was last seen Saturday night at a Christmas party with her husband Dale Shannon.

At 1:45 am an officer in a rural area came across a one vehicle accident and discovered a deceased male in the driver’s seat. The male was Dale Shannon. Evidence led to the conclusion that his wife, Tanya, walked to the nearby road. From there, authorities cannot find a trace of where she might have gone.

Police are left wondering why this happy mother of four has not contacted family if she is, in fact, okay. If she were left out in the elements it is believed she would survive for a long time. The location of the crash was remote with only a power plant and farmland surround them.

The case has left authorities baffled and confused while still hoping for the best.