Target stores will be giving away one million reusable bags on Earth Day, April 17th, 2011, for free.

According to Target, by using a reusable bag ten times, shoppers keep 25 plastic bags out of landfills. The free bags from target are red, with a white strap, and say “Fill. Refill. Repeat.” on the side. According to both Target and bloggers writing about trying to get bags during last year’s giveaway, most Target store run out of bags within hours of opening on Earth Day morning. Target is limiting the giveaway to one bag per person.

In conjunction with the Earth Day reusable bag giveaway, Target will also be offering a “Refresh Your Nest” sweepstakes and other promotions related to Earth Day and Earth month. Shawn Gensch, VP of marketing for Target, said “As part of Target’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, our Earth Month activities are designed to remind our guests of the many ways we can all make small changes, which together make a big difference.” Information and sign up for the sweepstakes is on Target’s website at:

Target began with one store in 1962 and now has almost 1750 stores, including over 240 SuperTarget stores, located in 49 states.