Tasty Minstrel Games Discounts 2 Titles On Amazon

Tasty Minstrel Games is selling Martian Dice and AquaSphere at deep discounts on Amazon.com. The games are on sale at other retailers, as well, but Amazon has the cheapest prices today.

AquaSphere was created by prolific game designer Stefan Feld. It’s marked down to $38.95, from a suggested price of $59.95.

“Feld fans will be pleased with the limitless options balanced by the limited choices, the need to plan ahead to pull off big turns, and the overall tightness of design,” Daniel Hadlock of Tasty Minstrel Games said in an email interview.

He said what makes the game stand out from the designer’s other titles is “greater integration of theme and mechanics.”

Martian Dice, by designer Scott Almes, is selling for $7.95, down from a $14.99 suggested price. That will likely go up soon, Hadlock said, but will go back down after a new shipment to Amazon.

He described the game as “a fast, fun, push your luck game that can be picked up and played with no setup in almost any environment.

“It’s a great purse game,” he said.

The two games are, obviously, quite different.

AquaSphere is great for times when players want a deep strategic game,” Hadlock said, “where Martian Dice helps relax the brain after such a game, or can be pulled out and played when just a few laughs are wanted in a short time frame.”

There’s no word on how long the sale will continue.

Consumer Expert Teresa Jackson

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