Toys R Us has parents surfing the web for answers and today’s question has to do with the Team Bieber Teddy Bear Shirt.

The retail toy giant is hosting an online scavenger hunt with the grand prize being a gift card to the store for $1500. They are also offering chances at a daily prize of $25. Parents who would love nothing more than free money for their toy shopping excursion are taking part and taking the internet by storm in search of answers for the scavenger hunt questions.

Today’s question: What is the number on the Team Bieber Teddy Bear shirt. You are given four choices and only one of them is correct. It makes sense that one of the questions would be somehow related to pop sensation and teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

The answer has proven to be important to many as the question is high on Google trends list for the day. However, it is not that difficult to find. Not only are there photos of the bear available, many online writers have given very obvious clues to help the searchers along.

Justin Bieber created a sensation last year when he appeared on the pop scene with the help of Usher. The 16 year old soon became a teen heartthrob and was releasing many products that his tween and teen fans could purchase. The most recent items are Justin Bieber dolls, both singing versions and non-singing versions, and the teddy bears that are the subject of the scavenger hunt. Toys R Us carries both in their stores and on their website.

Each correct answer in the scavenger hunt is one more entry for the grand prize gift card of $1500 from Toys R Us.