Technology Driven Items Top Kids Christmas Lists

Technology is taking over and those as young as the toddler age are jumping on the bandwagon.

This year Christmas wish lists are full of items that show how important the growing technological trend is to the average person. This goes beyond just the adults and is beginning to include tech-toys and gifts for the tweens, kids and even toddlers this holiday season.

Some of the most requested gifts show that kids are advancing with the times.

Apple’s iPod Touch is on a lot of Christmas lists this year and has made its way into the lives of the pre-teen crowd. This advanced touch screen device is much more than just an mp3 player. It provides the ability to do everything an iPhone can do with the exception of making a call. There are thousands of applications that can be downloaded, an mp3 player, games that can be played and the newest models have a camera. For the older kids it is a quick and easy way to have fun and keep up with social networking.

Mindflex is a hot toy for the second year in a row. With this toy you have a headset, a game console and some balls. Placing the headset on, the player then uses his mind to spin the fan and levitate the balls. For the advanced user there are also obstacles to use.

Flip HD Video Camera lets the budding filmmaker take up to 2 hours of video. They can then use the USB connection to share those movies with friends and family. Another big hit for that tween-aged crowd.

Paper Jamz can be seen everywhere and the retail cost is quite low compared to real instruments. These cardboard instruments allow the player to play real notes and chords. A user can add their own songs or even create a new one. Guitars, drums and amplifiers are all available for purchase.

Zhu Zhu and Kung Zhu Pets are again on every little one’s wish list. These electronic hamsters act and react the same as the real deal. Each one has a unique personality. There are two modes a child can choose. If the hamster is in nurture mode it will coo and purr for the child. If he wants to see how it interacts in its habitat he should select adventure mode.

Fisher Price IXL 6-in-1 Learning System is an all in one technological device for kids from aged 3 to age 7. It opens like a book but includes so much more. The child will find a digital reader, a game player, a notepad, an art studio, an mp3 player and a photo viewer included in this device. It has an easy to use touch screen interface.

Fisher Price Kid Tough Video Camera is a great purchase for the little one who is not quite past the destructive age. These cameras come with an SD card slot but they withstand abuse quite well. They are kid friendly as well.

These are just a sample of the many tech-toys and gadgets that are popping up on the Christmas lists of kids and tweens everywhere. Most of these and other technological toys can be found at major retailers such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart , Meijer and Toys-R-Us. They are also on those stores websites as well as on and

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