2011 seems to be a great year for homeless man Ted Williams. He managed to stir quite a following on the Internet after a viral video showed his “golden” radio voice and now he will have a roof over his head and a job.

The clip was posted by a reported that was curious and eventually launched job opportunities for a Ted Williams that never lost hope. It was the Cleveland Cavaliers that offered him a home and gave him a job.

Ted Williams also declared in an interview with Matt and Meredith on the Today Show that he has been given the “official voice” spot for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

Ted Williams had to fight alcohol and drug addictions in order to get to this point. He told us that he was clean for 2 years. Ted also is a proud father of 2 boys and seven girls. He can even be happy to say that he is a grandfather.

The man with the golden radio voice hopes that God will help him this time in taking advantage of the huge chance he received. The story of Ted Williams is truly a story of success and luck and according to Matt, shows that everything is possible in America.