After a video on YouTube went viral on the internet, homeless man Ted Williams was quickly dubbed the man with the golden voice and soon became inundated with offers and appearances, jobs and even a home.

The Columbus Dispatch first discovered Williams when a photographer found the homeless man on the side of the road holding a sign. The wording said in part that he held a God given gift of voice. The photographer asked him to prove it and the rest will soon be history.

What came next happened almost overnight for a man accustomed to having nothing. His perfect voice was captured on video and placed on YouTube where it went viral immediately.

In the two days since it first aired, the video has received over 4.5 million views with many crying out on Facebook and other social sites that the man needed to be given a job.

The offers began pouring in. Williams has been asked to appear on radio and television as a guest and has received many job offers. It was reported on Wednesday that the Cleveland Cavaliers have gone so far as to offer Williams not only a job but also a mortgage on a home.