‘Terra Nova’ Premieres Tonight On FOX | Preview, Trailer & TV Time

Steven Spielberg’s new show “Terra Nova” — which stands for “new land” in Latin — premieres tonight, and is expected to be one of fall’s most exciting TV series.

“Terra Nova” is a post-apocalyptic thriller that takes place in the future. Earth has evolved into an environment where natural resources are nearly nonexistent, forcing its inhabitants to follow a law that restricts couples from having more than two children. The Shannon family has broken that law, which results in their youngest child, Jim Shannon (played by Jason O’Mara), being taken away and thrown into prison.

During Jim’s sentence, his wife Elisabeth (Shelley Conn) is recruited by Terra Nova. Terra Nova is a heroic team set out to save the earth. The entire family must now travel 85 million years back in time in order to join the settlers whose goal is to change the future of the planet.

The series’ cast includes actors and actresses such as Christine Adams, Byron J. Brochmann, Joel Amos Byrnes, Jason Chong, and even Stephen Lang, who played the villainous Colonel Miles Quaritch in James Cameron’s “Avatar.”

The two-hour premiere of “Terra Nova” begins tonight, September 26, in its regular time slot of 8:00 p.m. ET on FOX.

The promotional trailer for “Terra Nova” can be viewed using the media player below.


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