Terrelle Pryor Suspended

Terrelle Pryor was one of the most exciting players to watch and he had a very promising career.

Everyone was eagerly waiting to see him play in the Sugar Bowl and he was the main candidate for winning the Heisman Trophy. His play was appreciated by everyone but this can change very quickly.

Unfortunately disaster struck as he was suspended together with four other players for 5 games next season due to an accusation of accepting benefits that were improper and selling awards. This suspension might leave a very dark mark on a very promising career.

Pryor was the number one high school recruit and his career started in a very good way. The problem is that disappointment will surely appear as his chances to win a Heisman or national championship have dropped drastically.

Now specialists are trying to find their new favorite pick for the trophy. LaMichael James is number one on the new list with Landry Jones also highly considered.

In related news, it is expected that Kellen Moore will be included in the NFL draft next year together with Cam Newton.


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