The Bachelor Hands Out The Final Rose Tonight on ABC!

Tonight, the Bachelor Nation gets to see Prince Farming (Chris Soules) pick Becca Tilley or Whitney Bischoff to be his Princess!

The Bachelor is like football for The Bachelor Nation — yes, made up mainly of women. Fans of the show have enjoyed 19 Seasons of this reality TV series where a Bachelor or Bachelorette meets over 2 dozen lovely or dashing contestants vying for a happily ever after with the Bachelor or the Bachelorette.

Of late, the fairy tale endings of happily-ever-after have sadly fizzled out. Juan Pablo and Nikki broke up. Nikki confessed at the premiere of Season 19 event that she and Juan Pablo had not been able to give up their individual lives, jobs, and cities, to make a life with each other in one location

Andi and Josh went their separate ways shortly after the premiere of Season 19. A devastated and heart-broken Andi explained that she and Josh were both very strong personalities that could not be contained under one roof.

In past episodes of Season 19, we see the drama between the women, and between Chris and the women, play out. These episodes are available for free streaming on Hulu and on ABC, for those who may have missed an episode or two, or would like to watch again.

Bachelor Viewing Parties are held across the nation! The million dollar question at this point is who Prince Farming will choose to be his bride? A question in tandem is who will the next Bachelorette will be?

Among the rumors is that Whitney has changed jobs, and that Chris is shuttling between two States, leading some to conjecture that Whitney, the front-runner over many rose ceremonies, got the engagement ring. There are still other rumors that Chris has been seen with ex-fiancee Sheena Schreck.

Don’t we love social media for all the speculation and discussion? To this trending topic, we at CP add our two cents.

If there was a Bachelor Pool, like there are Football Pools, here are my predictions.

I predict that Becca will be Princess Farming. She seems to be a content, uncomplicated, intelligent, and mature woman. She knows what she wants and does not easily compromise. Yes, she wants Chris, and to wait, but does not compromise her position for the prize. When Chris asked her whether she could see herself in Arlington with him, she told him she needed more time to decide that. Other girls might have made their decisions before they really had time to grasp the reality of life on a farm in a town with a population of only 400 people, give or take. Chris loves beauty and brains, and both she has as well.

I predict that Kaitlyn will be the next Bachelorette. Kaitlyn is fun, sassy, intelligent, and was willing to move to make her life next to the man she loves. She can be light-hearted when necessary, and serious when it matters. Kaitlyn feels deeply and weighs the relationship seriously before making a commitment. She is ready to be the next Bachelorette.

While I’m giving my thoughts to the Bachelor Nation, if the next Bachelorette is not picked by popular demand, I might have picked Jade to be the next Bachelorette. Jade told Chris that she has been unfavorably judged by ex-boyfriends for her work with Playboy. If she was the Bachelorette, she might have a chance at meeting some men who did not mind her past work, and are genuinely interested in her as a woman and potential wife.

Like Chris, and many of the women on the show, I think Britt is beautiful. Chris was instantly drawn to her beauty as Juan Pablo was mesmerized by Sharleen in Season 17. Because Britt is beautiful, she suffered from the Dumb Blonde syndrome where her brain, sincerity, and smarts were questioned. Like many in America, I was a bit puzzled when the other girls said she wasn’t ready for children, but she told Chris she wanted children; and that she couldn’t see herself living in Arlington. Yet she gushed to Chris how she found the countryside breathtaking.

Throughout the show, I questioned the portrayal of Britt as a woman who used her beauty to manipulate Chris. I found her to be quite genuine and confident. She freely shared about her dates with the other girls. She was friendly with everyone, didn’t trash the other girls or gossip about them. In my eyes, she seemed like a woman of beauty and character. This feeling was confirmed at The Women Tell All show last Monday, March 2, when Britt expressed no animosity towards Carly when Carly described her as two-faced. When the show host Chris Harrison asked Britt what she thought the reason Carly treated her the way she did, instead of a tit-for-tat response, she said, “I don’t know”. This conversation took place when the cameras were supposedly off, and America would not be watching. Yet, Britt chose to not speak-ill.

That, to me is character, and I think Chris lost a good one that he was really attracted to.

The Bachelor airs on ABC tonight at 8E/7C.

Who do you predict will get The Final Rose from The Bachelor?

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