The Bachelorette Recap - Awkward Dates In The AlpsThis week, The Bachelorette traveled to Munich!  I’m pretty sure this group of guys will leave a really great impression of how awesome American’s are in a foreign country…right?

Chris gets the first date of the trip.  I kind of love Chris; he and Des seem really natural and cute together.  Watching them walk around Munich, taking cheesy pictures, speaking really bad German, and trying on local costumes was way less cringe inducing than anticipated.  Dang it Des and Chris, you sweet bastards, you got to me.  You win.

Bryden starts whining from the start of the episode that something “is missing” regardless of how great a girl Des is.  He decides during her romantic date with Chris that he has to tell her he has decided to leave NOW.  He wanders around Munich attempting to find them, like the producers wouldn’t be able to point him to exactly where they are.  When he finds them, they are smiling and dancing and having a great time.  Zoom in on Bryden’s gloomy face and cut to commercial.  That’s called Bachelorette drama, folks.

The real star of this scene is Chris’ amazing military jacket.  I’d give that thing a rose in a second.

Bryden pulls Des aside and tells her he’s decided to leave.  Des breaks down in tears to the camera, but goes back to Chris and attempts to buck up.  Cute Chris and his cuter jacket (and a giant mug of beer) cheer Des up and their night ends happily even though there is no way Des can breathe in that dress.

The next date is a group date with Des and seven of the guys.  They head out to the snow for some sledding and shenanigans.  And by shenanigans, I mean yodeling lessons.  Manly.

At some point during the group date, the guys start pointing out James’ cockiness and he becomes the next guy to be accused of being there “for the wrong reasons.”  Despite James’ solid schmoozing, Brooks gets the rose during the group date.

The next day is the dreaded 2-on-1 date where only one guy gets a rose and survives the night.  Of course, Ben, the guy all the others love to hate, is one of the guys on this date.  2-on-1 dates are always super awkward, but with Ben on it, it becomes super duper awkward.  Nothing cures awkwardness better than getting in a hot tub together.  One girl, two guys who hate each other, and one hot tub = awesomeness?

Michael spends the entire date calling Ben out on things in an attempt to show Des who he thinks Ben really is.  Instead, he ends up looking like a giant bullying douche.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone look as uncomfortable in one of these shows as Des does on this date.  At one point, Ben leaves the room to fume outside alone.  This is not going great.

At the end of the date from hell, Des gives the rose to Michael and Ben storms out without a goodbye to Des.  The guy who spent the night telling the camera he needed to act “like a good Christian” leaves the show storming out and dropping f-bombs and asking the limo driver, “where we getting drunk tonight?”

At the before the rose ceremony cocktail party, Des decides she is so sure in her upcoming decision that she doesn’t need to have one-on-one time with any of the guys.  This comes as a big shock to Drew especially since he was planning to rat out James for not being here for good reasons.

At the rose ceremony, Des sends home Mikey meat head and keeping James; promising us some quality drama in the weeks to come.

In fact…next week, they travel to Barcelona where the James drama erupts and Des breaks down.