The Bachelorette Recap Episode 7 – Love In The Clouds!

The Bachelorette Recap Episode 7 – Love In The Clouds!

It’s been several weeks that the Bachelorette has been weeding out men that were not there for the right reasons.

Now Desiree is eager to get serious with the 5 remaining men as they head off to the Island of Madeira, Portugal.

Desiree invites several Bachelorette rejects (except Katherine) from Sean’s season to give her advice. It’s all giggles as the ladies bond over hot men… and very important things like who has the best body, best eyes or best kisser. Great advice Ladies!

Brooks is longing to see Desiree and his wishes come true as he gets the first one on one date. The men are nervous about the connection between those two and they have reason to, because Des and Brooks spend the day expressing their deepest -LIKE- for each other they drive through the clouds overlooking the beautiful city of Madeira.

Brooks is eager for Des to meet his family and she expresses that she’s already falling in love. They share a kiss at the end of the date, but no roses will be handed out except at the 2-on-1 date.

Chris gets the next 1-on-1 date. They spend the afternoon on the beach and later that evening Chris is nervous to tell Desiree that he’s in love with her. He fidgets through dinner but he finally brings himself to reveal his feelings by reading a poem he wrote. They share a kiss and all’s well that ends well .

Michael G. finally gets a one on one date and they spend the day learning about each other. This is supposed to be the week before the men take Desiree to meet the parents. Michael is already talking about falling in love but Desiree is more into having a fun date. At this stage in the competition it’s pretty obvious that if your first one on one date is a week before meeting the parents, then you’re already toast.

Zak W. and Drew get the dreaded 2 on 1 date and they’re ready to win Desiree’s heart. Both men are eager to tell Desiree that they love her. This has to be the first season of the bachelorette where more than 3 guys have said they are in love before the hometown dates. Zak W. gets some private time with Des as he shares a drawing of all their time together. He decides not to share his true feelings out of respect for Drew. Drew on the other hand does not hesitate to say “I love you” as soon as they got some private time. He clearly had the right move as Desiree hands him the rose.

Before the rose ceremony, Chris Harrison has a little chat with Des to see where she’s at. She indicates that she’s found the one and Brooks is her frontrunner. So what’s the point of taking the remaining men through home town dates when you already know who the ONE is? Tensions are high as Desiree hands out the remaining roses and it’s no surprise when she sends Michael G. home. In an emotional exit he calls his mommy who has some wise words for him. “If she didn’t love you, as much as you loved her then it’s not meant to be.”

Next week the men take Desiree to their hometowns and the countdown to the finale continues.