The Bachelorette Season Finale 2: Dramatic Ending + New Bachelor Announced!

The Bachelorette Season Finale 2: Dramatic Ending + New Bachelor Announced!

Last week, we witnessed a heartbreaking turn of events in Desiree’s journey to find her soul mate when Brooks told Desiree  he was not in love with her.

Will she be the first Bachelorette to leave the show alone?

We left off when Desiree and Brooks parted ways. Chris Harrison joined her the next day for a chat where she revealed how she was feeling. She is dissapointed in being so hopeful about the process but she wants to be tough and push on with the 2 remaining guys.

Didn’t she admit she was in love with Brooks? Now, why on earth would she settle for the remaining two?

Many fans are still hopeful that Brooks will have a change of heart ,return and claim his woman. Seems like that’s not the case anymore since Desiree has chosen to move on from the heartbreak.

During the rose ceremony, Chris and Drew still have no idea what happened to Brooks. Desiree manages to tell them what happened and begs them to continue the journey with her only if they really want to.

Both men accept the rose and continue to fight for the position for Desiree’s rebound.

By this time, the men should have met her family but Desiree is hesitant to introduce the men. She wants to spend some more time with them to figure things out. Drew gets the first date and things go sour as soon as the date starts. Desiree feels like something is missing and doesn’t feel any sparks. As if she didn’t know that already! She sends a heartbroken Drew home and now we’re down to 1.

Chris has the next date and they spend some time on the boat talking about their relationship. Desiree feels hopeful as Chris reassures her that he will always be there for her.

She introduces him to her family and Chris passes with flying colors. Her brother, Nate, thinks she’s making the right decision with Chris

At the final rose ceremony, Chris is ready to propose as he approaches a nervous Desiree. He starts by recounting their journey and expresses how much he loves her. As he’s about to go on one knee, Desiree stops him. She tells him how torn she was about Brooks leaving and how she had to send Drew home.

Chris’s face lit up as he realized he was the only one left. She’s grateful  for Chris and tells him how he’s always been the one and she’s been too blind to realize it….until now. She tells him she loves him ,Chris finally proposes and they live happily ever after?

Live, during the after the final rose segment, Desiree revealed that she’s happy and still engaged to Chris. Brooks joined them and faced Desiree as he explained why he chose to end their relationship. It was very awkward to watch Desiree as she looked nervous sitting next to Brooks. Brooks and Des got the closure they both needed.

It was now Drew’s turn to face Desiree as he bombarded her with questions. He was hurt about the way things ended but is very happy that she found love.

Chris Siegfried finally joined his fiancee  and they shared a kiss while re- watching the emotional proposal. They’re planning to move in together soon and are excited to finally share their love with the public. Chris says he continued to pursue Desiree because he trusted in their love and wanted it to work.

Do you think these two will suffer the same fate as the many other unsuccessful couples on the show?

After that, it was time to announce the new Bachelor!!

It’s no surprise when Chris Harrison announces former soccer player, Juan Pablo Galavis as the next bachelor.

It’s great that production is trying to have more racially diverse cast.  The women in the audience are ecstatic that it’s Juan Pablo because he’s handsome, has a sexy accent, very personable…plus he is a single dad who loves his daughter very much. Being Latin, Juan Pablo will be the first minority to be ever casted as the lead on the show.

What do you think of Juan Pablo as the new bachelor?

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