The Bachelorette Season Finale Shocker, Tears & Heartbreak!!

The Bachelorette Season Finale Shocker, Tears & Heartbreak!!

It’s been an emotion filled season of The Bachelorette (when is it ever not?) and Desiree has successfully juggled 25 men down to her final 3 suitors.

There’s been a teaser promo that’s been causing commotion amongst fans of the show.

In the video it seems like Desiree doesn’t end up with anyone. However, ABC is very good at showing us teasers that don’t even seem that serious once we watch the show. Tonight, through, I assure you that they definitely did not disappoint.

Desiree and the final 3 men travel to Antigua for their final dates. Drew gets the first date and they head out to a party in Shirley Heights where they spend the day dancing at a festival.

Usually, the  bachelorette waits till the end of the date to give away the fantasy suite card, but Desiree was eager to take him in there already. Drew tells her he loves her very much and they share a steamy kiss as the cameras walk out of the fantasy suite.

Brooks heads back to his hometown for a serious talk with his family because he is having doubts about the whole process. He doesn’t want to have these doubts before potentially proposing…and that’s something he is not prepared to do. I do applaud Brooks for his honesty, but is he aware of what show he signed up for?

How ironic is it that the most emotionally unavailable guy is the one Desiree is head over heels in love with? I see a pattern here.

Chris gets the second date and they ride the helicopter over the beautiful island of Barbuda in Antigua. After their picnic, Chris reveals how much he loves her as they share a kiss in the ocean.

Chris lets her know he has a job opportunity in Seattle and he will not be moving anytime soon…. okay? Desiree reiterates that she’s ready to make sacrifices for anyone she’s in love with. Desiree gives Chris the fantasy suite card.

He accepts, but assures her that nothing will happen except a nice relaxing evening watching the stars…..yeh sure. Don’t insult America’s intelligence, Chris.  We all know what happens in the fantasy suite every season of the show. They share a steamy session in the hot tub and the cameras walk out to give them some privacy.

Desiree is very excited to go on a date with Brooks… who she’s deeply in love. She’s ready to marry him if he were to propose. If I were Chris and Drew, I’d be really pissed to know that the girl I’m dating is already in love with someone else.

Now on to the shocker. Before their date, Brooks tells Chris Harrison how he’s feeling. He’s hesitant to go ahead with this process as he’s not sure about his feelings. He’s crazy about her, but he keeps holding back for some reason he can’t explain. He’s not at a point where he wants to propose to her. Really though, who takes one month to propose?

Desiree is giddy as a school girl as she’s waiting for Brooks to show up. He manages to tell Desiree that he’s not in love with her yet and she starts sobbing uncontrollably, asking him “why now?”

He tries to console her, but she’s not having any of it.  If you were still in doubt that Desiree is in love with Brooks, here is your confirmation.  She tells Brooks that she loves him.

This is a first!! No bachelor or bachelorette has ever told the remaining bachelors that they loved them. As if it wasn’t heartbreaking enough, she says..”I love you…I said it..and I don’t care that you just broke my heart.” Ok everybody, I guess the show is over!

They manage a tearful goodbye as they walk away from each other. Brooks feels like he may have made the biggest mistake of his life. Desiree doesn’t want to continue with the process since she knows that she’s not in love with the two remaining men.

Don’t forget to tune in next week for part 2 of the season finale and live after-show.

Do you think Desiree will keep going with the remaining men? Will Brooks return?

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