There’s nothing like a public wedding proposal. It puts the man in a really vulnerable position and the woman straight up on the spot. It doesn’t get much more public than a proposal at a baseball stadium broadcast in front of literally millions of people around the world.

Now, take that proposal and couple it with a homecoming that’s a year in the making. That’s just what one serviceman did at Kansas City.

The Kansas City Royals honored one serviceman at their Memorial Day game by allowing him to execute a custom wedding proposal, something not normally allowed. It started with his girlfriend being called onto the field in between innings and then a video proposal being made by him in his dress uniform.

Then came the real surprise. From the dugout this hero at arms emerged in his camo to wrap his arms around the love of his life, whom he hadn’t seen in a year because of active duty.

Down on one knee, he proposed in person, and the public in the stands erupted when she said, “Yes.”

This is definitely one wedding proposal that won’t quickly be forgotten. What a way to honor our heroes at arms! Many are calling it “The best ever!”