The Best Gifts For New Relationships

If you’re in a new relationship, holidays and birthdays can be confusing. What is the best gift for someone you’ve only been dating for a month or two?

Jewelry? Books? Clothes? Do you pull a Jerry Seinfeld and just give a card filled with cash?

No. Please, don’t.

It’s time to get creative. In new relationships (and old), thought is often worth more than dollars spent. In fact, an expensive gift can be a total put-off. That gold necklace might send an unintentional message of let’s-spend-the-rest-of-our-lives-together, which is (probably) not what you want two months in.

The key is to remember little things he or she likes. For example, if your significant other loves fudge, why not fill a basket with a sampling of his or her favourite kinds? Or perhaps s/he has a gluten allergy, in which case a box or basket filled with the best gluten-free treats might be a good way to go.

Not only do gestures like these show that you’ve paid attention to what s/he likes (big points), but your gift won’t be overwhelming or over-the-top, which is key in new relationships.

Interactive gifts are also great. Post-it note treasure hunts not only show effort, but make the gift giving process last longer. New relationships are often focused on fun and playfulness, and so creative, interactive gifts are often the way to go.

Still stumped?

There are several websites that will assemble custom gift baskets for you, such as Build A Basket. Or, if you simply want to know how to make your basket aesthetically pleasing, offers tips and tricks for assembling your own.

Do you have any ideas or experiences related to gift giving in new relationships?

Share your thoughts and stories below!

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