The Best Santa Trackers of 2016: Which Ones Made The Nice List?

Parents, if you want something fun and Christmas-inspired for your kids, Santa tracking sites are the way to go.

These sites, which are completely free, allow kids to “see” what Santa and his elves are doing in the days leading up to Christmas, and on Christmas Eve they can see them deliver presents all over the world.

There also have lots of fun, interactive games and videos to keep the kids entertained (and out of your hair), for hours.

After a lot of trial and error, and unhappy kids, I found the best Santa Trackers of 2016: The Official NORAD Santa Tracker and Google’s Santa Tracker.

Each of these are easy to use, have no glitching and are full of Christmas spirit- making them winners in my book.

NORAD’s Santa Tracker site and app is lots of fun. There is Christmas music playing and Santa’s Village, where kids can explore, watch a movie and play games.

Oh, and for parent’s looking to spend more of their hard earned money during the holidays, there is a gift shop to with Santa merchandise.

The Google Santa Tracker is another good option. The page is set up like a huge Advent calendar of Santa’s village, with tabs numbered 1-24 to represent the 24 days of Christmas.

Each day a new tab opens, giving kids something new to watch, play or learn.

And there are no tempting Santa shirts to buy, which puts this site on the top of my nice list!

They also have an app for Android.

Do you think your kids, or kids you know, will love these Santa Trackers?

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Consumer Expert Tracy Ortiz

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