The Duck Knight Returns

Fans of the Disney Afternoon will fondly remember “Darkwing Duck.” Although the show is making no comeback, Joe Books is continuing the comic book series, starting in 2015.

Preceding this impending release is the original volumes of the comics from the early ’90s. Rewritten to better coincide with the TV show, along with an added epilogue and bonus content, the omnibus should be available as of this writing. It will feature all 16 issues. Estimated retail price is expected to be $19.99.

The initial release of the comics, beginning in 1991, was in junction with the debut of the animated TV show. The comic itself, initially took life as a miniseries, intended to become a spin-off from the show. However, internal problems within Disney Comics denied that from happening.

Part of the Disney Afternoon lineup, “Darkwing Duck” followed the eponymous hero and his adventures protecting the city of St. Canard. It was a light-hearted take on the super hero genre, parodying the likes of “Batman” and other DC comic personae.

Who remembers this classic Disney show? Anyone read the comic? Looking forward to this bit of news? As always, let us know in the comments below.

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