The separation attempt between Ronnie and Stein succeeds. However, they are both hunted by General Wade Eiling, who wishes to recreate the Firestorm experiment, while Barry learns about the possibility of time travel. Spoilers ahead.

The Firestorm storyline concludes in this episode, where despite Stein and Ronnie’s success, they still share an emotional and physical connection that both harms and helps them. After some heartwarming scenes, Eiling’s ambition for the Firestorm project threatens the harmony, as well as the duo’s hostility against each other. Ultimately, they learn to work together and fuse properly to stop Eiling once and for all.

Firestorm’s “proper” debut is rather impressive. The device strapped to his chest and the fire head makes for a neat resemblance to the comic book’s version. After a rather disappointing first scene in “Man In The Yellow Suit”, this version of him feels more realized. Garber and Amell have great chemistry, and there is hope for a future team-up. Also, it would be neat to see him use more creative powers beyond the use of fire.

Iris’s journalism storyline shows some promise as her mentor is also suspicious of Harrison Wells’s actions, and has her investigate her STAR labs friends. While she doubts his suspicions at first, she begins to unravel their lies and secrecy. After being behind Joe and Barry’s secret, it is nice to see Iris being a step ahead and continue to grow as a journalist.

The end cliffhanger with Reverse Flash and Grodd is very effective, paying off the plot threads with Eiling. Grodd comes off as rather creepy and terrifying, rather than the goofy portrayal it could have been.

“Fallout” brings conclusion to the Firestorm story with success, with potential for more in the future. Between Wells’s ruthlessness, Barry’s time travel interest, and Iris’s investigations, everything is about to come to a head very soon.