The Flash: Running On Rogue Time

Barry tries to understand how he was able to return back in time and how to prevent Weather Wizard’s attack on Central City. Meanwhile, Lisa Snart, AKA Golden Glider, joins the Rogues and helps them out with their newest heist, manipulating Cisco in the process. Spoilers ahead.

This episode begins with a slight deja vu effect, as Barry re-lives the previous episode, albeit with some foreknowledge of the events. He is placed in the awkward position of easily solving Mark Mardon’s rampage while explaining how he was able to do so. This makes Mark’s takedown somewhat anti-climatic, but it is fitting of the plot.

The most interesting part of the episode, however, is how the events of “Out of Time” are changed. Some of the changes are beneficial, such as Cisco being spared from Wells’s schemes and Barry and Linda’s amicable break-up. However, Cisco still suffers at the hands of the Rogues and Barry jumps the gun at confessing his feelings to Iris, estranging her and earning Eddie’s wrath in the process. The new future is an improvement over the tragic events that could have unfolded, but it does share some setbacks.

The Rogues continue to be some of the more interesting villains the show offers. The relationship between Leonard and Lisa makes for a great foil to Cisco and Dante’s strained relationship. It is a fun dynamic, and the fact that Leonard mentions his father in Iron Heights also creates some great contrast with Barry. Captain Cold learning how his cold gun works and preventing Cisco from tricking him is a good moment.

The best scenes of the episode relate to Cisco. Under stress, he is forced to reveal the Flash’s true identity to Cold and he feels unworthy of being with the team. His heartwarming scene with Wells, a direct opposite of his untimely death at his hands, and Barry’s acceptance of him, provide some necessary emotional weight to the episode.

“Rogue Time” is nowhere as strong or intense as last week’s whammer. While the consequences of the last episode were diffused in a tepid manner, the rest of the changes were fun to see unfold. Barry may have averted a crisis and Wells may have averted his secret being blown. But nothing can remain hidden forever and the “tragedy” substituting the tidal wave remains to be seen.

What did you think of this episode? What will Barry do know that he suspects Wells?

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