The Flash: Seeking The Nuclear Man

The Flash and his team pursue Ronnie Raymond when he becomes unstable and a threat to Central City, as General Wade Eiling returns for nefarious purposes. Meanwhile, Barry moves fast with his relationship with Linda Park, and Joe and Cisco investigate the death of Nora Allen.

After several weeks of build-up, the Firestorm storyline comes to a head. Through the investigation of what happened to Ronnie and Martin Stein and a few flashbacks, the show’s mysteries begin to unravel in one of the more exciting episodes of the show. While the Flash and Firestorm do fight for a couple of scenes, this episode presents something different in having Barry, Caitlin, and Wells trying to help one of the metahumans instead of trying to defeat the usual Villain of the Week.

Joe and Cisco’s mystery-solving plotline also has them discover new evidence in the murder of Nora. They find a “photograph” of the two speedsters during that night, as well as the spilled blood of one of them. Joe shares his suspicion of Wells to Cisco, who refuses to believe this at first. Cisco experiences Wells’s ruthlessness and might be suspicious of him, but the startling revelation that adult Barry might have been in that fateful night brings the possibility of time travel into the show.

The romantic subplot this weeks was better handled this week, with some good chemistry with Linda. Barry proving his devotion by eating a pepper is one of the funniest moments in the show.

“The Nuclear Man” brings the series back from a funk, advancing Firestorm’s situation and introducing time travel, while ending on an exciting cliffhanger. Between all of this and Eiling’s return, the next installment should bring a thrilling resolution.

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