The long time (in app time) reigning champion in Apple App Store downloads is now on the ropes. Angry Birds, where wingless birds are propelled with a slingshot toward evil green pigs that have stolen their eggs, has been tossed from it’s top spot by a new game, The Heist.

Angry Birds has occasionally been temporarily bumped off it’s top spot for an hour or two, even a day. But then The Heist came along, and it’s beginning to look like a whole new ball (er… puzzle) game. The Heist has been in the top spot for three days now. And the new game, which cost 99 cents, is being downloaded at a faster and faster pace. At last report, it was being downloaded a bit faster than one per second.

The Heist involves four different puzzle types: a sliding block puzzle, something similar to Sudoku, a Sokoban type puzzle, and a maze. There’s a total of 15 of each of these puzzles, 60 in all. Once the puzzles are solved, a vault can be opened. Inside the vault is another game, said to be worth more than the 99 cent cost of The Heist.

Reviews of The Heist have generally been positive – but don’t count Angry Birds out yet. Many of the comments left by readers of those reviews are not positive, some saying they were bored with the puzzles, others that the game at the end was not worth it. Angry Birds may just be able to climb back up, and then we’ll see who has the staying power.