The Ides Of March – Reviews, Trailer, Worth Watching?

Political thriller “The Ides of March” opened yesterday and so far, reviews appear to be running luke-warm for the most part.

This movie is George Clooney’s baby – he is the Director, Producer, wrote the screenplay and, of course, stars in it. It also stars Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Marisa Tomei, Jeffrey Wright, and Evan Rachel Wood.

It’s all dirty politics, right vs wrong, lots of political intrigue and dark sexual secrets in The Ides of March.

The critics over at Rotten Tomatoes, as of publication time, have given the movie a rating of 82%. Actual movie goers, 11,941 reporting so far, are scoring it about the same, 81%.

Some of the more negative reviews at Rotten Tomatoes go like this:

“Unfortunately, The Ides of March just has all the freshness of a outdated stump speech.” – Christopher Lloyd.

“Ironic: this is a movie about politics that, like most politicians, promises far more than it ever delivers.” – Joanna Langfield.

“.. it goes for the most boring, obvious clichés it can find and doesn’t even attempt to spin those clichés into something more interesting.” – Lori Hoffman.

There are positive reviews as well, but most seem to have a “but…”:

“Ides of March is a damn fine film, one of the year’s strongest, boasting powerful performances and an emotional wallop, but it would have been even better had it had something more daring to say.” – Jim Vejvoda.

“…sharp, timely entertainment. Unfortunately, the film falls just a bit short in the depth department.” – Tom Long.

“Well paced, intelligent, and showing us the even dirtier side of politics.” – Boo Allen

“‘The Ides of March’ is entertaining even if suspense barely builds and pay-off revelations come with little surprise.” – Cole Smithey.

The official trailer for the movie is below. Have you seen it? Leave your own review below!

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