Sony has pegged its infamous film, “The Interview,” as its most successful movie released digitally.

According to Reuters, Sony has announced the financial success of its latest movie, despite a limited release and more to the point, being released over the digital market simultaneously. The report states that thanks to purchases and rentals over multiple digital platforms, the film earned over $15 million, and another $2.8 million in over 300 theaters across the U.S.

With a budget of $44 million, it appears the film will indeed bring in a profit, despite all the controversy that has been generated since the project was first announced.

Although reviews have been mixed, many theater-goers have cited a sense of patriotism in response to the nation of North Korea condemning the film. Numerous people, including President Barack Obama, criticized Sony’s initial caving to threats from internet hackers, who demanded that the film not be released.

You can read fellow CP contributor, Anthony Hall’s review here.

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