The Key To A Great Amaretto Sour? Di Saronno Amaretto Liqueur

The Holidays are officially upon us and that means it is time for our favorite Holiday drinks.

If you have not been properly introduced to a high quality, top shelf Amaretto Sour then wait no more.  I cannot keep this drink a secret any longer.

Please let me enhance your Holidays with this complementary holiday drink recipe from my cozy home to yours, which will bring family cheer to all.

The key to this amazing Amaretto Sour is to use select-choice ingredients.

If your each a little higher on the store shelf you will find one of the best kept secrets to fine cocktail making.  The secret lies in the bottle of Italian-made Di Saronno Amaretto .

The drink is not complete without combining it with the Gentleman Jack Daniels rare Tennessee Whiskey.

If you get these two items right, you are on your way to a jolly great Holiday.  Next, make sure you have a cocktail shaker, fresh lemons, and a small container of grenadine.

Once you have the items listed above you are ready to get mixing and shaking.  Add crushed ice to your cocktail shaker.  Pour one shot Jack Daniels Gentleman into the shaker.  Then add 2 shots of Amaretto.  Add in one shot of fresh squeezed lemon juice.  Add a splash of Grenadine to taste.  I use two TSP.  Shake, not stir.  Pour into a glass over crushed ice and serve.

Did this Amaretto Sour recipe bring additional Holiday cheer to your home?

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