The Lamborghini SUV: Luxury Everyone Can Afford?

The SUV is about to get a really expensive makeover!

Luxury car maker Automobili Lamborghini announced today that they are venturing into the SUV market and will have one added to their product line by 2018.

The company, in a statement today, said they are looking it broaden their client base and that the SUV will be manufactured at their headquarters; no word yet on how much it will cost to make or what it will retail for.

Lamborghini estimates that they will sell around 3,000 units a year to clients in China, the U.S., Russia, the Middle East, the U.K. and Germany.

The company will also expand its current factory site from about 861,000 square feet to around 1.6 million square meters and add  500 new employees to accommodate the increased production.

This is not the first time Lamborghini has been linked to the SUV market: back in 2012 they unveiled their concept SUV, The Urus, but it never came out of the concept stage.

Currently, two other luxury makers are planning to enter this newly competitive market: Range Rover debuted the 2016 SV Autobiography at the NY auto Show (with an astounding $199,495 price tag) and Rolls Royce has announced plans for an SUV in the $200,00 price range as well.

The question now is will Lamborghini price their’s just as high or make a product that is a little more affordable and will give the average Joe a chance to own a Lamborghini?

What do you think about the Lamborghini SUV?  Tell us your thoughts on this future car below.

Consumer Expert Tracy Ortiz

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