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For two-weeks, Disney’s most successful animated feature ever released (pre-Pixar), “The Lion King” will be shown in theaters in a digitally remastered 3D version.

A Blu-ray 3D special edition of “The Lion King” is going to be released next month, and this special two-week duration serves as a way to get the newest generation of children to enjoy the film.

The film in 3D happens to be doing well with audience members and critics alike. According to Rotten Tomatoes, a website that focuses mainly on movie reviews, 89% of 71 critics, as well as countless moviegoers liked it.

Here are a few reviews from some Rotten Tomatoes’ critics for “The Lion King 3D”:

“The 3D genuinely adds a layer of freshness to the experience, right from the opening frames when we fly into the heart of the film with Zazu, and the immersive effect makes you reconsider and appreciate the exquisite hand-drawn animation all the more.” – Amber Wilkinson of Eye for Film

“For the most part, being in 3-D provides a minor refresh for a style of animation that was the big-screen norm 17 years ago, and that doesn’t seem dated these days so much as simply different.” – Alison Willmore of Movieline

“The company gets points for trying. But it’s still a post-production 3-D job, and it still doesn’t look quite right.” – Ty Burr of the Boston Globe

The new version might be worth seeing regardless of if the 3D is good or not. Who knows when the next time Disney will show a 17-year-old hit film in theaters, let alone in 3D? It’s definitely something that doesn’t happen often!

The new 3D version Disney’s “The Lion King” hits theaters today, September 16th. It will be available for purchase on Blu-ray 3D October 4th.

The trailer for “The Lion King 3D” can be seen in the media player below.

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