The Most Common Password in the World Is:

Nowadays computer security is a real concern as there are many hackers and even viruses that can crack passwords.

While much of  the information that we have online is password protected, this is not enough. We need strong passwords that are hard to hack. In fact, a lot of online resources will ask that the password chosen is complex in order for the data stored there to be as secure as possible.

Unfortunately it does not take a hacker to figure out a simple password. Most people choose a password that is very easy to remember. After the hacking of Gawk Media the passwords of all users were made public. If you look at that list you will be surprised to see how many are identical. In fact, the most common passwords used on the Internet today are “password” and “123456”.

It is highly recommended that you create a password that it hard to guess. Specialists agree that it should contain both letters and numbers.

Also, if you want to make it even harder to hack you need to include special characters as well, like “#” or “^”. Some servers will have the support for case sensitive passwords as well. Security analysts say to make sure that you take advantage of that when you create your online passwords. Your security will be much higher with a complex password.

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