The Boston Museum of Fine Arts Has Everything!

Many different exhibits are on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. There is something here for everyone!

For the most part, the exhibit wings are divided up into the country the art originated from. This includes European art, art of the Americas, art from Oceania and Australia, and art of the Ancients.

The special exhibits also fall into these categories accordingly.

Some exceptions to this rule are the wing of contemporary art, and the rooms with jewelry and musical instruments. These contain art from all over the world, but in these cases it makes sense.

The Visitor’s Map also gives the location of different genres of art, for example, if you wanted to see all of the European impressionist paintings, it would have a list of rooms.

Each exhibit contains informative plaques, and also usually has a mix of furniture, paintings, and sculptures. This provides a great mix of art from the time period that is being focused on. Comparisons can then be easily made across time periods and disciplines.

Interested in visiting the Museum of Fine Arts? Comment below with your favorite type of art!