The O.C. Gets a Musical

For fans of The O.C. who were devastated by the show’s ending, there will be a way for them to revisit the life and times of Ryan Atwood and company through the newly announced O.C. musical.

The musical will be showing for one night only in Los Angeles, and fans seem to be pretty excited for the show.

Despite the show not having released a cast list, ticket info, or location, there seems to be a lot of hype for the show from die hard O.C. fans on social media.

For those that are unaware of what The O.C. is, it’s a TV show that ran from 2003-2007 and highlights the lives of a group of teens through the ups and downs they experienced while living in a wealthy neighborhood in Orange County.

Although the show was cancelled in 2007, it was extremely popular among young adults and still has quite a following almost a decade after its cancellation.

Not much is known about the musical, however, it has been reported that it will retell the series in its entirety, which will be a treat for fans both new and old.