The Office Recap: Oscar And Jim In Trouble In ‘The Whale’

The Office Recap: Oscar And Jim In Trouble In ‘The Whale’

In this week’s The Office, Oscar’s affair gets found out, Jim might be losing his new job, and an ex-Dunder Mifflin employee makes an appearance.

When Angela tells Oscar that she suspects the Senator is cheating, Oscar (understandably) freaks out. He is, after all, the secret third wheel in Angela and the Senator’s relationship.

But when Angela reveals that she thinks the Senator’s having an affair with his mysterious yoga instructor “Blake,” Oscar fears the Senator might be two-timing him as well.

Oscar is kind of a gossip and a know-it-all. Time and again he’s shown that he doesn’t always know when to butt out. This is one of those times when he should have left well enough alone. But, being the man he is, he has to see for himself and decides to join Angela in spying on the Senator’s yoga class.

What do they find out? Blake is a woman. With a boyfriend. So neither Angela nor Oscar had anything to worry about. End of story. Except not really.

When Oscar sees the Senator working out with another man, he forces Angela to stay and watch to see what happens. Angela doesn’t suspect anything more than Oscar maybe getting his “jollies” from watching the two men work out.

That is, until the Senator whips out his cell phone and calls Oscar. Oops.

Solicits for the next episode say “Angela seeks revenge on Oscar,” so it looks like the fun’s just beginning.

Jim spends the whole episode trying to find a place to have a conference call with his new job mates in Philadelphia, but wherever he goes something loud and obnoxious is happening in the background. By the end of the episode, his business partners have had enough and Jim’s given some bad news about how they feel about his telecommuting.

It’s up in the air if he was taken off the project upright, or if an ultimatum of moving to Philadelphia or losing the job was offered. Either way, things don’t look good for ol’ Jimbo.

And then there was the ridiculous return of Jan Levenson, Michael Scott’s crazy ex-girlfriend and ex-boss. She’s now a bigwig for the Scranton White Pages, a much sought after client in the paper industry.

She’s still crazy, and still loves younger (much younger) men. To get her business, Dwight offers up new guy Clark (aka “Dwight Jr.”) to be her liason “with benefits” between the White Pages and Dunder Mifflin. After sizing up Clark (who has no idea what he’s in for), Jan says she’ll think about it.

Also, Toby, Pete, Clark, and Kevin grow mustaches for “Movember,” and the ladies of the office try to teach Dwight how to talk to women.

The Office will be taking a week off for Thanksgiving and returning with a new episode on Thursday, Nov. 29 at 9/8c.

Did you catch this week’s episode? What did you think?

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