The Office Recap: Oscar’s Affair No Longer A Secret On ‘The Boat’

The Office Recap: Oscar’s Affair No Longer A Secret On ‘The Boat’

Andy deals with a family crisis, Dwight goes “on air,” and Kevin finds out Oscar’s secret on this week’s episode of The Office, “The Boat.”

Last episode ended with Andy finding out his father took the family money and left his mother and brother high and dry. This week, Andy deals with the fallout of that revelation with the help of his co-workers.

After failing to find any other way of keeping his family afloat, Andy decides to sell his family’s treasured boat. To cheer Andy up, Erin convinces him to take the boat out on one final spin before its new owner takes it away.

Andy’s been getting more and more self-absorbed throughout the season, and it’s here that all of that finally boils over.

There was a time when it seemed like Andy really cared about Erin. That time was not this season, as he’s shrugged her off time and again. This time, he even leaves her standing on the dock as he and his brother (guest star Josh Groban) take the boat on a three-week voyage to the Bahamas.

Although Dwight’s suffered a couple of pretty good pranks this season, tonight’s prank really shines.

Nellie, Jim, and Pam convince Dwight that he’s being interviewed on a business radio show. In the midst of the interview, Nellie cooks up the idea that Dunder Mifflin’s paper is toxic. Nellie, Jim and Pam dedicate themselves to the prank, creating an imaginative tailspin for the paper company. Dwight is driven into a panic as every word he says is twisted as part of a fake media blitz.

The best part? He never even knows that he was pranked. In the end, Dwight believes he’s saved the company from plummeting stocks and an on-edge CEO.

Last episode also saw the documentarians catching Oscar making out with Angela’s senatorial husband after the Halloween party. This week, Kevin finds out about Oscar’s affair. If there’s one person at Dunder Mifflin who can’t keep a secret, it’s Kevin, so Oscar goes into complete damage control mode.

Kevin comes pretty close to spilling the beans to Angela a few times, saying stuff like “I know how this day could get a whole lot worse,” and “I do think I can surprise you.”

The Senator himself makes a surprise appearance in the office, making Oscar even more nervous. And just when it looks like Kevin’s about to spill the beans…he doesn’t. Not out of goodness, though. He simply forgot the affair was even happening.

Needless to say, Oscar’s affair will be causing more trouble in the episodes to come. Next week’s episode, in fact, has Angela asking Oscar to spy on The Senator.

The Office airs Thursday nights at 9/8c.

How much longer can Oscar keep his affair a secret? What’s your favorite Office prank? Do you think Erin’s finally had enough of Andy’s ego? Let us know your thoughts!

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