The Office Review: Is ‘Dwight Christmas’ Worth Dreaming About?

The Office Review: Is ‘Dwight Christmas’ Worth Dreaming About?

The Office Christmas episodes have been full of office pranks, Party Planning Committee hassles, and some of the funniest – and most touching – moments of the show. How does the final Office Christmas episode – “Dwight Christmas” – stack up?

Dwight’s Christmas party was phenomenally strange and awesome – it was pretty much what you’d expect from Dwight. The best part was this creepy German folklore that Dwight brings to life instead of Santa – Belsnikel.

Dressed like a hobo–Gandalf, Dwight walks around the office acting like the wicked witch from Snow White.

When giving out presents, he either whips his office mates (like Oscar) with a fistful of sticks for being “impish,” or gives strange gifts like rubber gaskets to those deemed “admirable” (like Phyllis).

In the annex, Erin watches Pete perform Die Hard line-for-line until she gets a self-centered text from Andy. Having Pete do the line-for-line thing with Erin was cute and fun, in the way Jim and Pam’s relationship used to be.

When they sit down in the annex to watch the actual Die Hard, Erin starts crying because she doesn’t think Andy cares about her anymore (which he probably doesn’t, not in the way he should anyways). Pete puts a tender arm around her shoulders. When she tells him she still has a boyfriend, Pete starts to remove his arm. Erin tells him not to and scooches closer to him.

With Oscar and Angela’s drama pretty much behind us, Erin and Pete’s relationship has become the most interesting part of The Office.

On the one hand, they’re so cute together I want to root for them. On the other, Andy was becoming a pretty cool guy until his slow, antagonistic turn this season. As much as I liked Andy and Erin as a couple, I’m still really curious to see where this one goes.

This episode’s end tag was a surprising one, and ties back to the Halloween episode, where Nellie dressed as Sexy Toby and Toby totally fell for Nellie.

Nellie kisses Toby to make him stop talking about the Scranton Strangler. It starts out as just a small peck, but  Toby takes it to the next level by taking Nellie passionately in his arms and kissing her back. All that pent up, one-sided sexual tension exploded and – surprisingly – may have been accepted by Nellie.

Nellie is, after all, quite strange herself and probably down for a one-time thing in the office’s break room while everyone else enjoys the Christmas party. It’ll be interesting where – if anywhere – this goes.

Overall, “Dwight’s Christmas” was a really enjoyable episode. It was fast-paced, chaotic, and introduced a couple of new ideas that’ll help move The Office toward its big finale at the end of the season.

What did you think of “Dwight’s Christmas”? Did it live up to past Office Christmas episodes?

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