The Real Housewives of OC Recap – Salsa With A Side of Cat Fights

The Real Housewives of OC Recap – Salsa With A Side of Cat Fights

This week, Lydia plans a salsa dancing party because…well…the show needed a reason to get all the ladies in the same room this episode, I guess.

Lydia convinces Heather to sit down with Alexis and try to mend fences like she did a few episodes back with Alexis and Tamara.  Lydia then crowns herself “the friendship whisperer.”

Heather and Alexis meet for coffee and they basically just yell at each other the whole time.  They end by just agreeing to be civil to each other in public.  Easier said than done in this group…

Vicki’s son-in-law leaves for his fifth tour of Afghanistan and it’s nice to see Vicki being calm and normal while talking about it.  Watching her daughter cry as her husband leaves to go overseas made me feel like kind of an a-hole for making fun of the show.  It didn’t last long though…

It’s time for Lydia’s salsa party!  Heather and Alexis pull off their cordial hello’s without a hitch.  Off to a good start.  At one point, everyone starts teasing Lydia about how skinny she is and she gets immediately really defensive, especially towards Slade.

Vicki’s estranged boyfriend Brooks surprises her by showing up uninvited at the party.  Surprisingly, Tamara treats Brooks nicely.  Laurie who seems to be trying to get back on the show with all the drama she’s been starting lately, tells Tamara that Brooks has been seeing a stripper on the side that Vicki doesn’t know about.

Slade brings up the teasing incident again and Lydia fights back by accusing him of forcing Vicki to get a nose job because of teasing her in the past.  An awkward fight ensues getting Gretchen all fired up.  To make matters worse, Gretchen overhears Tamara inviting Alexis wedding dress shopping.  Gretchen confronts Tamara about inviting Alexis and threatening to not come if Alexis does.

Might I remind everyone that all of these women are over thirty years old?

Next week, the girls go wedding dress shopping with Tamara and Vicki finds out about Brooks’ other lady.

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