Horror fans that were hoping for a third installment to complete The Ring trilogy may be in store for some good news. The project has a director, if nothing else. 

F. Javier Gutierrez has signed on to direct The Ring 3.

Not much is known about Gutierrez, who hails from Spain and actually went to law school before getting into the film industry.

Gutierrez wrote and directed his first feature, Before The Fall, in 2008, and has since been connected as director of the reboot of The Crow.

Of course, other than Gutierrez being on board as director, there is little known about the prospects of The Ring 3, as there is no information about when production may start or if the movie even has a script yet.

It’s also unknown whether the third installment would continue to follow the main character, Rachel, played by Naomi Watts, or find a new focal point.  Watts’ schedule appears to be quite full, with a slew of movies lined up for this year and beyond, including a part in Allegiant, the two part finale to the Divergent trilogy, so it’s quite possible she won’t be involved at all.

What do you think of The Ring 3 getting a director?  Are you excited for a third movie in the series, or is it not even worth it at this point?  Let us know below.