Episode 9 of ‘The Strain’ opened with Ephraim decapitating his wife’s new beau, Matt, and saving his young son, Zack, from the vampire virus. Ephraim sends Zack with Setrakian while he and Nora burn Matt’s body and find ways to amuse themselves while they wait for Ephraim’s estranged wife.

Setrakain shares with Zack the ways of the vampire and vampire hunter, and Zack takes little issue with the existence of vampires. He accepts this macabre state of affairs in unusual stride.

Perhaps Zack’s faith in his father gives him the calm required to digest the horror; afterall, most kids would be in hysterics after watching their dad decapitate their step-father who just shot a giant worm out of his mouth.

Faith in fathers is echoed in Eichorst’s flashback to his intimate moment with The Master. In 1942, Eichorst huddles in a bunker pleading, “Why have you forsaken me?” The Biblical allusion marks Vampire Eichorst’s genesis.

In Eichorst’s moment of doubt, his maker swoops in and forever alters Eichorst’s fate. His father came through for him and made him part of “the new world order.” In the same way, Ephraim swooped in and saved his son from that same order. Not everyone is so willing to accept the parasitic future.

Gus Elizalde may be ‘The Strain’s’ greatest example of grace under pressure. After suffering, Gus’s cousin finally changes into a vampire during a transport to Riker’s Island.

Gus, his cousin’s champion, is hardly flustered when the moment arrives for him to execute his cousin. In the throws of a violent attack, Gus calmly grabs the guard’s keys as his cousin sucks the poor guard dry.

Gus briefly stares at his cousin in disbelief, but quickly ends the mayhem, shooting the vampire between the eyes. He tosses the keys to the other prisoners on the transport van and then sprints into the night.

Hopefully, Gus joins forces with Fet, another man unafraid of tough decisions. Gus, Fet, Setrakian, and Ephrain could be an unstoppable trio- the perfect blend of brawn, logic, experience, and ingenuity.

Hopefully Gus’s mother is safe- it would be to harrowing to watch him kill his infected mother. The irony, though, would be sensational; after all, she is the lone reason Gus ever agreed to help the likes of Eichorst.

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