The season finale of ‘The Strain’ strips the luxury of choice from Eph, leaving him and the rest of his allies one option- fight. Eph arms his young son, Zach, to face The Master together with Setrakian, Fet, Dutch, and Nora. Does the team have what it takes to stop The Master and his minions?

Setrakian’s decades long battle with his nemesis, The Master, comes to a baffling climax. Just when Setrakian  has The Master on the ropes, the vampire plunges through a sunlit window and scampers down the building. How could he do this during daylight? Not even Setrakian knew The Master could tolerate sunshine. Just what will it take to kill The Master?

Perhaps Gus’s new ally has the answer. Quinlan, ‘The Strain’s’ mysterious hooded vampire-slaying vampire, recruits Gus to do his bidding, and fight his battles, in the daylight.  Quinlan serves several ancient vampires. Lucky for Gus they are dormant during their introduction. Quinlan explains an ancient pact has been broken and a war is afoot.

Is The Master no more than a disobedient child who disobeyed his elders by turning Manhattan into a vampire nest? Or is Eichorst responsible for breaking the pact?

Gus is a formidable fighter and wants to avenge his late mother, brother, and best-friend. Did Quinlan recruit Setrakian post concentration camp? Is he in the habit of targeting spirited men who have suffered great loss as the ultimate soldier? Quinlan is not the only vampire recruiting a daylight warrior.

The Master anointed the ruthless Eldritch Palmer with mortal health, but him spared the worm. Once Palmer tosses a government official over a high-rise balcony in broad daylight, The Master’s rationale is apparent. Eldritch’s wealth, connections, and power are invaluable. Turning Eldritch may cost The Master the war against humanity.

Eldritch hopes his loyalty will be rewarded, but time will tell. Who knows- maybe, over time, Eldritch will resent The Master and rise against him. His loyal assistant, Fitzwilliams, set the precedent for indignant resignation during tonight’s finale, after all.

Disillusioned Fitzwilliams abandons Eldritch Palmer, leaving the megalomaniac unprotected. Eichorst travels with Eldritch, but Eichorst’s loyalty lies with The Master. Even though Palmer is malicious enough to murder anyone in his way and to unleash the vampire apocalypse on Manhattan, he is no match for Eichorst and The Master. Who will help him when The Master and Eichorst have no more use for him?

Zach, too, finds himself disenchanted when he learns the devastating truth about his mother. He pleads with is father not to fire at his now vampire mother as he struggles to make sense of his new reality. Something tells me this is not the last of Zach’s growing pains.

Neither Setrakian, Quinlan, or The Master’s alliances are successful. All of the groups are vulnerable, but who will regroup and rise to victory first? The second season of ‘The Strain’ is scheduled to air on FX some time in 2015. We will have to patiently wait and see who wins.